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We are pleased to announce that  The Journal of STEM Teacher Institutes (e-ISSN: 2791-9986 ) has been accepted into the H. W. Wilson Databases (Education Full Text). 

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The Journal of STEM Teacher Institutes (JSTEI), published by BİLTEMM STEM Teacher Institutes Education Limited Company, is an international peer-reviewed journal.

The JSTEI focuses on improving the education system and teacher training in line with the goals of the STEM Teacher Institutes. To that end, it aims to contribute to high-quality scientific research.

With their long-term and scientific STEM education, the STEM Teacher Institutes guide STEM education in Turkey. Also, Our journal is a general education journal and accepts publications related to STEM education and other fields. They contribute to scientific research by providing free and high-quality services to researchers who want to work in this field. In addition, they address all levels of education and contribute to interdisciplinary research and help researchers solve problems in this field. The JSTEI was established to attain those objectives and contribute to the scientific world. JSTEI is an Open Access, double-blind peer-reviewed Journal.

All manuscripts submitted to Journal of STEM Teacher Institutes are first evaluated by the journal editorial board. Accepted manuscripts are sent to two reviewers for blind review process.  Two recommended reject by the reviews cause rejection by Journal of STEM Teacher Institutes. However, in case of conflicting reports from the reviewers, manuscript goes to third reviewer.  Authors are required to submit an answer document to address the revisions along with revised submission.

Publisher:  BİLTEMM STEM Teacher Institutes Education Limited Company /Dr. Bekir Yıldırım 

Online ISSN: 2791-9986 

Address: Üniversiteler Mah. 1596 cad. Teknokent Kuluçka Merkez Binası No: 6C/11 Beytepe 06800 Çankaya/Ankara

Phone Number: +905536222116