Review Process

JSTEI Journal Blinded Peer-Review and Evaluation Process

First, the editor evaluates the manuscripts. The editor examines the manuscripts according to their suitability for the goals and scope of the journal, language competence, scientific quality, and originality. Manuscripts that do not meet these criteria are rejected. The authors of those manuscripts are informed within one month at the latest. The manuscripts approved by the editor move onto the peer-review process.

Blinded Peer-Review Process

The manuscript is sent to at least two reviewers, who are experts in that field. They state that they will not share information about the evaluation process of the manuscript and the content of the study.

Reviewer Reports and Evaluation Criteria

Review evaluation is made according to the criteria determined by the JSTEI.

  1. The reviewers check the “Introduction” section for originality, objective, significance, and research questions. They check whether the manuscript cites current studies on the topic.
  2. The reviewers evaluate the method, sample, data collection tools, data collection process, and data analysis.
  3. The reviewers express their opinions on the presentation of the findings in accordance with the method and research questions.
  4. The reviewers check whether the data is compared with the current literature in the Discussion section.
  5. The results should be relevant.
  6. . The reviewers check whether the authors state limitations and make recommendations.
  7. The manuscript should adhere to APA style.

Evaluation Process

Initial Evaluation

The editor evaluates the manuscript in a month at the latest.

Reviewer Evaluation Process

The reviewers evaluate the manuscript within 45 days after assignment.

Revision Process

The authors should make the revisions recommended by the editor and the reviewers in a month and upload the manuscript to the system. The reviewers re-evaluate the manuscript after the authors have submitted it.

Decision Regarding the Publishing of the Article

The authors are informed about the reviewers’ decision in a week. The authors whose manuscripts are rejected are informed about it in a week. The journal requests a plagiarism report. Similarity should be below 20%.

Typesetting and layout are conducted on the accepted manuscripts. After typesetting and layout, the manuscripts are published “online first.” Those manuscripts are published in the volume and issue determined by the editorial board. The manuscripts published in early view are published in volumes and issues approved by the editorial board. A maximum of 12 articles is published in each issue. The remaining articles are transferred to the next issue.

Duration of the Evaluation Process

The Evaluation Process takes six months. However, it may take longer in cases of revisions.